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Welcome to A1TBC. We specialise in back-office support for online merchants to help support your e-commerce business and allow you to focus on your key performance objectives.

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Ongoing support for SME online enterprises

We support small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s) from inception to expansion. Whether you are looking to launch as an online merchant from scratch or expand your business into the world of e-commerce, we can assist you with a full range of support services.

The back-office services we offer will guide your business from early stage concept through to maturity and beyond. We will continue to work with you and guide you as your business develops.

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Committed to your success

We will work with you on a joint venture (JV) basis rather than on a fee basis, demonstrating our commitment to your success.

Working with us becomes a partnership, where we will always be heavily invested and committed to your company’s performance. If you are an online merchant with a good product or service to offer but lack the technical expertise or financial resources to be able to develop your online capabilities, we will guide you through the process and remain an active supporter of your success as your business flourishes.

Vertically integrated back-office solutions

We use a vertically integrated system for our back-office solutions which cover a complete range of services from concept, to funding, to implementation.

Some of the support services we are able to offer include Setup Capital and Capital Expenditure Start-up, website development and marketing, merchant bank accounts, payroll and accounting solutions as well as ensuring full compliance for all of your financial services.

We also offer 24/7 customer and tech support from our in-house service providers to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly on a daily basis.

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Managed online merchant support

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